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All information for Seats2meet.com Operators can be found here! You can read all the how to's in the wiki or find more information in the book section.

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How To use the S2M Software

Here you will find all the frequently asked questions. You can find here for example how to make a booking or more information about the concept of Seats2meet.com.

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Here you can find all the How To's about Seats2meet.com. This section is created for operators of the S2M concept.

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Our story #tsmbook

On December 21st 2012 we launched our brand new book The Serendipity Machine written bij Sebastian Olma. This book is a narritive of the survey done about the disruptive business model of the coworking concept Seats2meet.com.

Read the book!

Our vision #society30

On 11 april 2011 we've launched the book Society 3.0 (in Dutch). The English version was launched in february 2014. The original Dutch version sold almost 10.000 copies and generated over 20.000 downloads!

Society 3.0 Magazine