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New value creation. Collaboration in the sharing economy. Be connected !

"In 2012 and 2013 over 500.000 seats were booked through the Seats2meet.com business ecosystem. Work-, desk- , office- and meeting seats. (More details). We are so proud that Seats2meet.com International, as the leading company of this business ecosystem and offering astonishing software, is becoming so successful in the World of Society30. We invite you to collaborate with us to share (y)our abundance on a global scale!"

Marielle Sijgers and Ronald van den Hoff, Society 3.0 citizens.

Our society is changing. Society 3.0 with its interdependent, sharing economy is imminent.

Hundreds of millions of people of the world move around without restraints, literally unbounded, across borders all over our world. We call them 'Knowmads', Self Enterprising Professionals or Independent Professionals. They collaborate physically, but more often they do so digitally. These people of the world are no longer bound to traditional organizations. They have organized themselves using virtual social networks. They have started to create value in a different way. They do not work according to a formal organizational structure. They guide themselves. They are themselves. Their social connections show great creative vitality and unleash an enormous amount of energy. From within their self-awareness they respect the individuality of anybody. Citizens of the world of the Society30 are not after personal enrichment at the expense of others. They share; they collaborate. They appreciate social capital and asynchronous reciprocity. But they also buy products and services for traditional money.

The office, the value chain and the organization as we know it, are gone. The traditional school, shop, factory, library, town hall and meeting & office centre will follow.

The challenge for the innovative and open organization is to use the network of inter-human contacts to establish a permanent connectivity between the organization, its people and its other stakeholders. To engage with its stakeholders by the facilitation of a social exchange of information and knowledge, which will lead to collaboration and will result in ‘doing business’ with each other within the organization'. We call this a 'Mesh-network', the contemporary business ecosystem.
These business ecosystems evolve through serendipity, self-organization, while organizations can function as a catalyst, so value is not only created but also captured.

We need special physical and virtual locations where, by offering serendipitous stages, people can meet, work, exchange information, engage and create new values, new product and services. New collaborations. New start ups and companies: new Society30 organizations with an astonishing stakeholder engagement in an open culture.

We think organizations should become leading within their own Mesh. Not by ownership, but by having access to an enormous group of engaged stakeholders. Such a vibrant ecosystem can be agile and gives access to activities, assets, and capabilities. Network organizations in this Mesh can be constantly reconfigured in response to the dynamics of our era. It gives the organization again that all-important competitive advantage.

Our virtual products, services and logistic components.

We have to blur virtuality and reality, so your physical location becomes a, what Pine & Korn name in their latest book Infinite Possibility (2011) ‘3rd Space'. You also can call this a hub where your key-stakeholders like to hang out. Our products and services support these individuals, their value social networks, the business ecosystems and its organizations to facilitate a whole new way of collaborative serendipitous value creation. This will result in strongly engaged stakeholders having unique experiences & transformations. You, as a result, will co-create with your stakeholders a unique value proposition. Read more about this vision in the Society 3.0 magazine.

Seats2meet.com Products & Software Services

Real Time Community Location Dashboards.
On top of your physical location your branded real time virtual dashboard shows the people present, including their knowledge and expertise, enriched with social media buzz and local information. In this way co-working and meeting other people at your location(s) becomes unexpectedly relevant, useful and a new way to connect and form new ways for collaboration – serendipitously.

Coming soon!

Workspace, Deskspace & Meetingspace social-, reservation- and property management software.
Become part of the fast growing collaboration Seats2meet.com business ecosystem. Share your abundance by renting out your work-, desk- and/or meeting spaces and thus facilitate the growth of your network and organization.
Create serendipitous meetings with exciting and relevant professionals. How? Offer at least 20% of your seat capacity against social capital to the S2M ecosystem, use the 'serendipity machine' and make the magic work for you. Do you want to provide more privacy for teams, startups and small businesses? Use 'Deskspaces', permanent Workspaces in a dedicated, branded office, giving a project team, start-up or fast growing organization a flexible but very professional environment. The reservation wizard will matchmake the most suitable Meetingspace for every meeting, with flexible add-ons.

Do you have abundance of space in your school, office, theatre etc.?
Do you want to connect and facilitate the exchange of information and talents of individuals in your local network?

Start using S2M software to give access to your work-, desk- and meeting spaces!

Transform your events to serendipitous experiences using S2M Events space. We facilitate peer to peer matching of meeting participants. Connect your meeting to the outside world by streaming your event through our smart real time event dashboards with an array of apps, livestream and virtual tools. Have access to unexpected relevant knowledge in the S2M Meeting spaces and publish your event to peers in the S2M mesh.

Organizing your own event never has been easier and more successful! Start here!

Key note S2M co-founder Ronald van den Hoff-3rd Space World Conference 2012

Our story #tsmbook

On December 21st 2012 we launched our brand new book The Serendipity Machine written bij Sebastian Olma. This book is a narritive of the survey done about the disruptive business model of the coworking concept Seats2meet.com.

More about the book.

Our vision #society30

On 11 april 2011 we've launched the book Society 3.0 (in Dutch). Presently the book is being translated into an English version and will be available around the summer 2013. The original Dutch version sold almost 10.000 copies and generated over 20.000 downloads!

#Society30 has become a generic name on twitter in The Netherlands.

More about the book.

Mission Statement Seats2meet.com International

To create our own global Mesh, a leading network of Seats2meet.com locations, providing 3rd Space virtual & physical meetings, collaboration and educational products & services, by means of a unique business model, combining monetary and social capital.

This S2M network facilitates the ultimate connectivity of people by providing unexpected, but relevant encounters: serendipitous meetings.
These connected people cluster and create sustainable value within the Society30, thus strengthening the S2M Mesh.

About Seats2meet.com

Seats2meet.com (S2M) was founded in Spring 2007, opening its first physical location in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

S2M International is part of the CDEF Holding, founded in 2003, by Mariëlle Sijgers and Ronald van den Hoff.

Read more about the activities of the CDEF Holding.

More facts on Seats2meet.com.

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